ANP ordinance No. 251/2000

Tankage Availabilities

Period: June/11

TerminalTankage Available (m2)
Aratu 0
Suape 0
Rio de Janeiro 0
Santos 0

Note: Availabilities should be confirmed with each terminal’s commercial area.

Reference Fees

Storage Services (R$/m3 of tankage for each 30-day period) 58,00
Handling Services and Port Operation Service (R$/t handled) 12,00

a) Taxes: PIS (1.65%), COFINS (7.6%) and ISS (as per the schedule of the municipality) to be added to the fees above;
b) Insurance included in the fee;
c) Independent inspector expenses borne by the carrier;
d) Admissible Loss: 0.5% per month;
e) Inertization Service included in the fee;


Maritime – Operations carried out 24/7, except for national banking holidays.
Highway – Scheduled highway operations.
Railway – Operations carried out based on rail operator and terminal availability

  • Loading and unloading platforms to serve highway and/or rail operations when available.
  • Inventory monitoring by the customer himself via website using a specific password.
  • Qualitative analyses by the contracting customer.
  • Port terminals operate in a public pier.
  • Tanks of several sizes and linings that can meet each customer’s needs by querying availability at each terminal.