ANP ordinance No. 251/2000

Tankage Availabilities

Period: June/11

TerminalTankage Available (m2)
Aratu 0
Suape 0
Rio de Janeiro 0
Santos 0

Note: Availabilities should be confirmed with each terminal’s commercial area.

Aratu Chemicals Terminal - Tequimar

ANP Ruling nº 251/2000

Terminal Services

Receipt/Storage/Handling/Expediting of Bulk Liquids

Maximum Reference Service Prices (Ref.:Aug/2019)

Service Unit Price
Storage R$/m3 R$ 88.00
Handling R$/ton R$ 32.00
Blanketing, purging and Nitrogen blowing (*) R$/Nm3 R$ 5.00
Land Infrastructure (**) According to prices on the site of each Port Authority

(*) Service charged pursuant product and/or client requirements;
(**) Santos: Land Infrastructure Service costs already included in the prices.


a) Taxes: PIS (1.65%), COFINS (7.6%) & ISS (according to municipal tax list) will be added to invoicing prices;
b) Product insurance included in service prices;
c) Contracting independent Inspectors for ends of qualitative and quantitative product analyses are at client's discretion and costs;
d) Specific requests or non-listed services must be discussed with the terminal commercial area.
e) Prices are variable according to contract duration, physical space requirements, product type and requirements, volumes handled, environmental requirements, terminal location, as well as other operational conditions requested by the client.


Santos / Paranaguá / Rio de Janeiro (13) 3295-7056
Aratu (71) 3602-6402
Suape (81) 3527-5303
Itaqui (98) 2107-0212


Maritime – Operations carried out 24/7, except for national banking holidays.
Highway – Scheduled highway operations.
Railway – Operations carried out based on rail operator and terminal availability

  • Loading and unloading platforms to serve highway and/or rail operations when available.
  • Inventory monitoring by the customer himself via website using a specific password.
  • Qualitative analyses by the contracting customer.
  • Port terminals operate in a public pier.
  • Tanks of several sizes and linings that can meet each customer’s needs by querying availability at each terminal.