Supplier policy

ULTRACARGO's relationship with its suppliers and resellers goes beyond a simple business relationship. We believe in partnerships grounded in shared values and principles, including a constant concern with issues related to ethics, financial sustainability, quality, safety and social and environmental responsibility.

By blending this relationship with our Safety, Quality and Environment Policy will ensure our services' competitiveness through control and reliability from the beginning of the production chain, working with operational excellence. Thus, we will produce at competitive costs, and meet the economic, social and environmental requirements needed to attain sustainability in our value chain.

In this regard, we believe that the relations with ULTRACARGO's suppliers should seek to integrate the value chains with buying decisions focused on committed, efficient partners who, together with ULTRACARGO, seek to attain high standards of performance.

Thus, we expect to manage our relationships with suppliers the same way we relate to our customers: with integrity and transparency, always encouraging the pursuit of excellence.